Communicated by COVID-19


This is to inform you that as communicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been classified as a pandemic, Thalo Assist will continue to provide assistance normally . It is important to clarify that we must abide by the security protocols established in each country and in those cases in which local governments have not established a service procedure, we guarantee our policyholders that we will comply with the provision of our services on a regular basis.

In addition to this, we inform you that by instruction of our reinsurer HDI Global Specialty SE , an amendment is added to the condition of all plans, which excludes the Coronavirus Trip Cancellation benefit. This amendment takes effect on March 12, 2020. Consequently, all vouchers sold after this date will not have the cancellation benefit for coronavirus. However, all vouchers sold before March 12, 2020, such cancellation cause will be recognized.

Adeslas maintains its service to policyholders against the coronavirus. Health care is guaranteed for all clients. Adeslas facilitates access to medical care for those who show symptoms of a possible infection in the centers assigned to its health care centers, who are attending to the sick and obeying at all times the protocols established by the health authorities in the treatment of possible infected persons. The privately owned health network is working closely with the public health sector and public health services in the different autonomous communities in order to stop the spread of this disease (more information here )

In case of any emergency we ask you to contact our assistance center and adhere to the prevention protocols of the country where you are. Visit our section

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